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About Gerd Rademann

In 2010, after working for about 20 years as an employee I decided to go into business for myself with the target to sell in Europe machines, software and services for the electronics manufacturing industry.

My business background is in the sales and management in the SMT Industry where I have been working at Panasonic Factory Solutions Company and Viscom AG.
Both companies have an outstanding position in their areas on the world market. Panasonic with their placement equipment who are famous for their robustness and efficiency and who are undoubtedly the largest company in their area since decades and Viscom with their inspection systems who are the world leading company in solder joint inspection.

Based on this comprehensive background of experience in the electronics industry and my aim to be a competent partner for the customers I am focusing my activities on customers who have a high quality demand and who expect competence and a high integrity from their suppliers.
Because of this it was obvious that Panasonic would be a good partner and that SMT-Wertheim is an excellent complement to this Partnership.

For Panasonic I am the representative for Denmark and in addition a number of selected customers coming from the automotive industry but not only from there.

Beside that I am the representative of SMT-Wertheim in Denmark, a company who supplies excellent equipment for thermal treatment of electronics. Today they are the market leader for reflow ovens in Europe.

Gerd Rademann


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