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About Panasonic Factory Solutions Company (PFSC):

Panasonic is one of the pioneers in electronics manufacturing.
Already 1968 the first semiautomatic axial component insertion machine has been built. In the early 70th Panasonic started to sell their machines also to customers outside of the company.

Still until today PFSC is a 100% subsidiary of the Panasonic corporation.
April 2011 there have been 2,730 employees working for PFSC,
developing, manufacturing, selling and servicing products and services.
Involved with this size is a outstanding position on the world market
with a product portfolio which goes far beyond the SMT mounting

Very advantageous is that Panasonic can develop processes and products in parallel together with the sister companies inside Panasonic and with other customers.
If there is a new technology tend on the market, you can bet Panasonic takes an active role in the development.
Since many years Panasonic belongs to the top 5 applicants for new patents, globally.

In Europe Panasonic has its HQ in Hamburg since the early 70th. Local offices have been established in all major countries.

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Further links for information about Panasonic machines and Panasonic in general you will  find at “Panasonic Links”

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