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Rademann Factory Automation is the official representative of SMT Wertheim in Denmark since May 2011.

SMT Wertheim is a leading supplier for thermal process equipment in the electronics industry.
Some of the largest electronics manufacturers  - especially in the automotive industry - belong to the customers of SMT Wertheim. But There is also very strong customer base in the mid size company area in Europe.

Founded in 1987 SMT Wertheim has been developed to one of the technology leader with a clear focus on innovative engery saving manufacturing solutions.
With more than 5,000 sold units SMT Wertheim is the leading company in Europe. (Acc. to ITM Market Studies for BY 2007).

Key Elements of the equipment are:
- low energy consumption
- low Nitrogen consumption
- sophisticated control concept for temperatures and media
- special nozzle system for optimum heat transfer
- multistage condensate filter system
- Absorbing (pyrolytic) cleaning system for process gas

Upcoming technologies
- Inline vacuum soldering for elimination of voids
- hot/cold (-40° - + 80°C) thermal treatment for functional tests

Link to official webside: SMT Maschinen- und Vertriebs GmbH


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